Ezac – Stronger zinc alloy

Ezac is a trademark and the latest material in the zinc world. It is a specially developed alloy of zinc that has better properties than other alloys in a number of areas. It has better creep resistance, higher tensile strength and is stronger. We use this alloy when a product needs to meet stricter demands.

EZAC – Stronger Zinc Alloy

This recently developed alloy is the most creep resistant of all the zinc die casting alloys with an order of magnitude improvement over Alloy 5 and ZA-8. This is also a very strong alloy with a yield strength 396 MPa (57 ksi) and hardness (102-140 Brinell) comparable to ZA-27. Due to its low melting temperature, EZAC can be hot chamber die cast and does not exhibit the same die casting equipment wear and tear as shown with ACuZinc5.


Zinc parts are never made from 100 per cent zinc. A variety of alloys are used to achieve different properties in the product. The commonest alloys consists of around 95 per cent zinc, a few per cent aluminium and smaller amounts of copper and magnesium. Which alloy is best for an application depends on what properties you require in the end product. Zamak is a group of very common zinc alloys that PMS Diecasting uses frequently. Zamak is actually a trademark that is made up of the constituent metals: zinc, aluminium, magnesium and copper.

Comparing EZAC to other diecasting alloys

In regards to yield strength, EZAC is comparable to ZA-27, which is the strongest cold chamber zinc die cast alloy. With a yield strength of 396 MPa—stronger than any other hot chamber zinc die cast alloy, EZAC achieves a 42% improvement over Zamak 2 and a 19% improvement over ACuZinc5. The hardness of EZAC also shows a 19% improvement over Zamak 2 and 11% improvement compared to ACuZinc5.


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% – 50mm
Zinc EZAC4143961
Zinc ZL3 Aged24120316
Zinc ZL27 Cast 4263712.5
Zinc ZL27 Aged 3603173