3D Laser Scanning Inspection

3D Laser Scanning and Reverse Engineering from our sister company Laser Scanning Ltd.


Another 100% employee owned business operating out of Thorncliffe Industrial Estate, Sheffield.  Supplying an independent inspection measurement and product verification service to many World Class businesses servicing the automotive, aerospace, medical, packaging and  other manufacturing industries.


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Reverse Engineering

If 3D cad files are not in existence we can 3D laser Scan original products and produce a fully detailed parametric model in a .STEP file containing all features. A simpler NURBS surface can also be created which is ideal if just the outer form is required for assembly and packaging requirements.

3D Laser Scanning with the Nikon LC15Dx scanner capable of accuracy to +/- 5 microns


The LC15Dx is a viable alternative to a tactile probe for an increasing number of high precision CMM applications. Customers gain a better appreciation of the dimensional quality of their products as there are literally millions of measurements taken and this provides an accurate visual representation of the component rather than just points referenced on a typical 2D drawing.  A wider variety of parts, geometry and materials can be measured more effectively, including many parts too small or fragile for a touch probe.

Global Scan and ISIR reports

Not all features of a product are picked up by a traditional reports and measurements on a 2 D drawing.  By selecting the appropriate tolerancing you can get a clear picture of where the product is out compared to the nominal CAD file.  Seeing the whole picture both internally and externally allows you to fully understand where there any differences and if a certain feature is going to cause a problem with fit and function.

Products dimensions are verified and reported on an Initial Sample Inspection Report (ISIR) against each measurement and tolerance variation but a Global Image is also used to reference every feature back to the original product design.