Design & Simulation


Our Senior Design Engineer, David Eastwood, has more years than he cares to remember designing tools both for both zinc and aluminium applications.  David is passionate and has great focus on the detail to ensure our tooling is not only delivered on time but will produce the correct quality of castings for the intended use.  Sometimes the focus is on casting integrity to produce load bearing requirements and other applications it is reducing flow line and blisters to produce castings which can be polished and plated to extremely high surface finish standards with minimal process losses.


All designs are reviewed with the customer so that the agree standards are in place at the start of the project and then maintained throughout the sampling and production process.

Casting Simulation

Using our Novaflow simulation software we are able manipulate how the casting fills and expose areas of weakness, air entrapment, voids and flow lines.  This is extremely important at the design concept phase as once a runner channel is cut it is very costly and time consuming to rectify later.


As the saying goes “measure twice – cut once”