PMS Diecasting services provide a resource of technical knowledge of the diecasting process to assist our customers with product design and manufacture and we do it all with intelligence, creativity and fluid thinking.

Design and Flow Analysis

To manufacture consistently high quality diecastings the tooling has to be designed to function at the right temperatures with the correct flow of zinc filling the cavity and achieving a cycle time that gives optimum results.

We use NOVAFLOW casting flow simulation software where we can identify any cavity filling issues and design the runner and gating to ensure out tooling is manufactured to reduce the time normally taken up by T1 and T2 sampling trials.

Laser Scanning & Inspection

We use a state of the art Laser Scanning service to 5 microns accuracy to ensure our tooling, components and castings are manufactured to the specified requirements.  Reverse Engineering of products or tooling can be used where there is no 3D cad available. 


We recognise the importance of tooling so we have invested in GoTools Ltd a partner tooling company which is also 100% employee owned. Our accumulated knowledge is fully retained within the business and we all have a vested interest ensuring our customers are getting the product, service and design assistance they need.