PMS Biggest Losers

PMS Biggest Losers

PMS Diecasting recently ran a pre-Christmas ‘Biggest Loser’ competition in the hope of encouraging some healthier habits before the onslaught of festive over-indulgence.

All participants put £5 in the pot and over a 4 week period aimed to eat healthier and exercise more. As you can imagine this is quite a tough ask at this time of year but 9 participants managed to lose 47 lbs between them. A ‘PMS Biggest Losers’ Whatsapp group formed the hub of mutual support, teasing, competitiveness and accountability too. Despite rumours of foul play (zinc in pockets during weigh-in), the adjudicator confirmed that all was above board during weigh-ins and final weigh-outs.

Leida Cammidge was the overall winner losing 8 lbs (5.55% of her body weight), Carolyn Ekins came 2nd with an overall weight loss of 11.6 lbs (4.25% of body weight) and Carl Twigg 3rd with an overall weight loss of 6 lbs (3% of body weight).

Leida took home the winners pot of £55 and the winners medal. Well done!

PMS Biggest Losers 2018 were: Den Hand, Danielle Jowett, Tom Fisher, Steve Platts, Carl Twigg, Leida Cammidge, Ilona Brzozowska, Gordon Panter and Carolyn Ekins.

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