Heavy Metal at PMS

Heavy Metal at PMS

At PMS Diecasting we are great at heavy metal. Why? You’ll have to ask our customer Button-Fix!

Button-Fix were referred to us by a fellow manufacturing company. Button-Fix design, market and distribute UK-manufactured panel fixing components.

Whilst Buttonfix’s other products are moulded in glass filled nylon, ABS and pure nylon, they were seeking a fire-retardant product to extend and enhance their innovative product range.

With the customer’s extensive knowledge of their marketplace and PMS Diecasting’s design for manufacture skills, we were able to assist with the design by making small product changes to produce the ‘Type 1 Metal Fix’. Zinc not only provides fire-retardancy but enhances durability and strength.

The ‘Type 1 Metal Fix’ diecast by PMS Diecasting Ltd. was proven in shock tests to hold out against a 15g shock. That’s five times the shock experienced by Space Shuttle astronauts on lift-off (3g) and nearly twice what a fighter pilot might experience in drastic maneuvers (up to 9g).

It’s fair to say that is extreme heavy metal!

(Read about the Button-Fix ‘Type 1 Metal Fix’ in this magazine review by clicking here)

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