Corrosion resistant finishes

Zinc Passivation

Zinc plating involves zinc metal being electrodeposited on to components. Electro zinc offers excellent corrosion resistance and sacrificial protection. A typically thicknesses of 10-12µm with passivation can be achieved, resulting in over 500 hours salt spray test.
Zinc plating is available with a range of trivalent passivates: clear, yellow and black to meet the EVL and RoHS directives. Trivalent passivate is the best and most advanced in operating available technology for meeting the end of life vehicle requirements (EOLVD); it is also easily recyclable.

Clear passivate is used mainly as a decorative finish and has a clear / blue sheen to it.
The majority of applications uses this standard passivate, which leaves an iridescent / rainbow finish.
Black passivate is used mainly as a decorative finish.

corrosion resistant pms diecasting zinc die casting

Nickel and Chrome Jig Plating

The improved uniformity of Electroless Nickel Plating (ENP) is a principle deposit property that enhances corrosion resistance on all features of a part especially in features that are traditionally difficult to coat such as thru holes or counter bores. Another unique characteristic of ENP is that the nickel co-deposits phosphorus of varying amounts from 4-13% based on the bath type. The level of phosphorus directly impacts key deposit properties such as hardness, corrosion resistance and ductility.