High volume

High Volume Zinc Diecastings

With a high volume nearly 2 million castings manufactured every week we have the systems and quality procedures to ensure our zinc diecastings are supplied to the highest consistency and quality standards.  Our in-house tooling department works alongside our diecasting production to maintain product output 24 hours a day.

high volume pms diecasting zinc die casting

Agriculture & Land Retention

Vineyards, orchards and greenhouses use vast quantities of wire tension devices to support growing plants and trees to maximise yield.  Zinc diecast wire joining and terminating products have to withstand various load ratings and as such all manufacturing is quality checked for porosity and dimensional accuracy each shift to maintain quality documentation for each production batch.  Zinc grade ZL2 is used for these products due to its higher mechanical load bearing properties.

high volume pms diecasting zinc die casting

Industrial & Construction

Zinc diecastings are used in very high volumes to suspend heating, lighting, air conditioning and ventilation ducting.  Our castings are suspending equipment and services in public and industrial locations and satisfy as safety rating of 5:1 ratio.  Due to the versatility and mechanical properties of zinc many features can be designed and cast creating intricate suspension devices with a cosmetic look and feel.

high volume angel hangers gripple pms diecasting zinc die casting

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