Zinc Diecastings for Electronic Applications

Zinc diecastings are ideal for use in the electronics industry as they have fantastic electromagnetic shielding properties.  Zinc as an alloy is very durable and be cast with wall sections as thin at 0.4mm making it a cost effective solution when compared to machined alternatives.  The physical properties of zinc also make it an ideal protective cover which can withstand elevated temperatures and impact strength against similar plastic moulded components.

electronics housing pms diecasting zinc die casting

Diecast Security Cover

These zinc diecast covers are used as security door access systems and have to withstand extreme force and abuse as a vandal deterrent.  The covers are polished and then Satin Chrome plated to compliment the high value function of the electronics within the door entry system.

security housing pms diecasting zinc die casting

Electromagnetic Shielded Connectors

Cable connectors are manufactured in very high volumes in both plastic and zinc.  Where electronic interference can cause weakening or interrupted data zinc is the material of choice due to its shielding properties.  Also the zinc connectors are more robust and have an aesthetically higher value.  These connectors are supplied in either a zinc passivate or nickel finish to avoid corrosion.

connectors pms diecasting zinc die casting

Electronic Sensor Housings

PMS Diecasting manufacture electronic sensor housings which are used in a wide range of industries collecting data and providing feedback to the central PLC.  Once again zinc diecastings are used due to complex features being able to diecast directly from the tool with minimal post casting operations.  Often these castings have high surface finish requirements to compliment the high value automated equipment they support.

Electronic housing pms diecasting zinc die casting

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