Decorative Hardware

Functional and Decorative Hardware

Decorative zinc diecastings are widely used in the hardware industry as they produce highly accurate fixtures and fittings that can take a wide range of functional and decorative finishes.  The main finishes used are powder coating, nickel, chrome, brass and zinc passivates.  Please see the ‘finishes’ section of our website for further information on what is possible.

door hinges handles pms diecasting zinc die casting

Bi Fold Door Systems

PMS supplies a range of high quality brushed nickel door furniture and fittings for a “stainless steel” appearance to match the main door access lock assembly.   These castings and the nickel finish give 240 hours salt spray resistance enabling supplies all over the world and constructed in some of the harshest environments near the sea.

origin door hinges pms diecasting zinc die casting

Window Keeps and Brackets

Zinc has always been a material of choice for window keeps and brackets due to its ease of casting, low cost and corrosion resistance when zinc plated.  Many window keeps are manufactured using a tooling bolster and the inserts for each design of keep are quickly and easily fitted when required.  This keeps tooling and set up costs to a minimum which is essential when manufacturing products in a highly competitive market.

window keeps pms diecasting zinc die casting

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