Zinc Diecastings used in the Automotive Industry

Zinc alloy diecastings are ideal components to be used in the cockpit of premium automotive vehicles.  A zinc diecast component can be polished and plated in many different aesthetic finishes producing a very high quality component which comes into contact with the driver.  Having a base metal product compared to a plastic moulded part gives the driver that “Cold Touch” feel which simply oozes high end quality and reaffirms the premium which has been paid.

automotive pms diecasting zinc die casting landrover jaguar

Range Rover Parking Brake

High quality zinc diecasting with the following processes involved to produce the finished part:




Copper / Chrome / Satin Nickel plating


automotive pms diecasting zinc die casting

Jaguar RCK Control Knob

High precision function and surface finish are essential for the supply of Jaguar RCKs.  Once again the use of zinc as the base material gives the user a sense of high quality as it gives a “cold touch” feel when operated by the driver.

These are premium components for premium automotive vehicles.

zinc diecasting automotive

Jaguar F Type Gear Lever

Gear change levers are quite vulnerable and therefore strength is a pre-requisite in the design brief.  The internal lever casting not only provides the strength and rigidity  required but there are some very tolerances to overcome so that the assembled unit preforms all the necessary electronic functions with the lightest of touch.

zinc diecasting automotive

Zinc Diecast Bearing Bush

In this application our customer is using a precision zinc diecasting to generate some complex form and then we use a cylindrical grinding operations to produce a bear fit to +/- 5 microns.  This allows for thermal expansion and contraction in different climates around the world with a precision fit that feels silky smooth when operated by the driver.  Another innovative use of zinc in the automotive industry.

automotive pms diecasting zinc die casting

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