Zinc diecasting is a process that allows for competitive, quality and efficient production of zinc into a diverse range of products, and it’s a process we’ve perfected with the intelligent use of robotics, giving us the capacity to work quickly, with real time control and to a consistently high quality.

World Class Diecasting Facilities

PMS Diecasting was first established in 1978 and over the many years we have continually invested in the latest zinc diecasting and toolmaking facilities.  This has now developed into a World Class Diecasting facility which is capable of producing precision zinc diecastings from 2g up to 2.2Kg in weight.


We have in-house design, assembly, secondary finishing operations, tool maintenance and  a laser scanning department to help you create the perfect casting and for PMS Diecasting to manufacture a consistent quality for the duration of the product life.

Conventional Frech Diecasting

We utilise the very best machines, six-axis robotics, automated part separation and management control systems to achieve consistent highly diecastings which are manufactured and supplied all over the World. 

The Frech diecasting machines are extremely versatile and when set up with mould temperature controllers can provide exceptionally high surface finishes which are ideal for products which have polished and decorative plated finishes.

A fresh approach to zinc diecasting

We challenge the ‘traditional’ zinc diecasting methods which usually overcomes tooling and machine inadequacies requiring costly secondary operations such as clipping, linishing and fettling. Our objective is to produce a net shape casting directly from the diecasting machine which only requires routine inspection and packing.


We have built strong relationships with critical sub-contract suppliers for powder coating, barrel plating, passivating and jig plating finishes.

4 Slide Diecasting

Our 4-Slide diecasting technology has been specifically engineered to deliver high volume intricate parts, specifically for products less than 80g in weight.

Where part consistency is paramount we can commercially manufacture castings from one impression eliminating issues of contaminated product.  It is also much easier to control the quality when only making one component at a time.  Our continued development of these machines is making casting the extremely difficult parts a reality.

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