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One of the most attractive qualities of zinc diecastings is their ready acceptance of a wide range of finishes.

Finishes can bring three advantages – it can provide a high quality decorative finish, increase corrosion resistance and improve wear resistance. We offer a range of chemical, metallic and organic finishes.

Chemical FinishesProperties
Chromate & PassivateLow cost corrosion protection (clear, gold, olive drab)
PhosphatesNon-conductive pre-coat for organic finishes
AnodisingExcellent corrosion and wear resistance
Antique FinishDecorative appearance, oxidising of metallic finishes – copper, brass
PTFESprayed on finish with excellent wear and protection
Metallic FinishesProperties
BrassDecorative finish, can be lacquered for durability
CadmiumExcellent corrosion resistance, good appearance
ChromiumBright with very good corrosion and wear resistance, high quality bright finish
BlackVery good with decorative, corrosion and wear resistance
Hard chromeExcellent wear resistance – hardness 850 – 1100 H
CopperDecorative finish
GoldDecorative finish
NickelDecorative finish, fair corrosion resistance and durability
SilverDecorative finish, high resistance to many chemical and foodstuffs
TinGood corrosion resistance, easily soldered
Zinc & PassivateGood corrosion resistance, decorative bright appearance at low cost
Organic FinishesProperties
DeltatoneExcellent corrosion resistance, up to 1000 hours Salt Spray, black or silver
DeltasealGood corrosion resistance, available in a range of colours
EletrophoreticGood corrosion resistance, decorative finish
LacquerGood corrosion and wear resistance, decorative finish in many colours
AlbrufinDecorative lacquer, brass and gold coloured, good general resistance
Paints AcrylicGood outdoor durability, chemical and heat resistant, requires a primer
EpoxyGood corrosion resistance, widely used, often primer coat, avoid sunlight
PolyesterHigh gloss appearance, resists weathering, with good hardness
PolyurethaneGood chemical and wear resistance, gives high colour retention

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