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Recycling at PMS!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

PMS take looking after the Environment seriously. We have always recycled approx. 99% of our waste by weight and have held the International Standard ISO14001:2004 since 2010.

However, since Oct 14, 2014, we have reduced the remaining 1% of waste to landfill by half by recycling it.

Here is our recycled waste in order by weight :

✔ Metal
✔ Cardboard
✔ Polythene
✔ Paper
✔ Oils
✔ Electrical Equipment

We have idea’s to reduce this even further!

Thank you to everyone for their efforts in ensuring less waste goes to landfill!


Did you know that Diecasting is a power hungry process, at PMS Diecasting we do our best by ensuring that we buy Green Energy.