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New Lama Joins the Herd

Monday, July 31, 2017

A new LamaCaster H65 Mark 3 die-casting machine has recently joined the Lama herd at PMS.

Lama Land now contains 5 LamaCaster die-casting machines. The compact design and small footprint of the Lamas ensure that the space we house them in is very productive. This fast and flexible multi-slide machine with dry cycle speed around 70 cycles per minute is ideal for the mass production of small and complex zinc components.

“The standard tooling size 100mm x 65mm together with a powerful hydraulic injection system and 8 tonnes clamping allows production of components up to 90 grams. With excellent shot-to-shot repeatability LamaCaster H65 provides precise castings with very good surface finish and consistent quality over long production runs…”

With a specially designated Lama Technician team, PMS have the capability of producing tens of thousands of complex, quality diecastings from this area every day.