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New Frech Daw 80F arrives

Monday, December 21, 2015

The ‘Project Springboard’ expansion is continuing forward at PMS Diecasting Ltd. with the recent arrival of a new Frech Daw 80F hot-chamber diecasting machine all the way from Stuttgart, Germany.

“The long awaited arrival of our new Frech 80 ton diecasting machine came on Thursday 17 Dec, after a 6 month wait after ordering. The machine came in 4 parts, the heaviest of which weighed in at a whopping 4400kg so a delicate bit of fork truck work was required to offload it. We all breathed a sigh of relief when it was back on terra firma and then it was skated into place.

The commissioning will take place in early Jan with the help of Frech engineers. And then it will be running 3 shifts to ensure reliable quality products are made! With the extra capacity available it will be a valuable addition to ensure we can keep up with our customers demands and represents a significant investment of over £300k.” said Richard Moore, Commercial Manager at PMS Diecasting.