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January Suggestion Box

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Every month, we empty the PMS suggestion box. There have been many very good ideas suggested and implemented during 2014 and we are starting the New Year with the following suggestions. Thank you for your input!

1.Rotating wheels on ALL 4 corners of the prams so that we can put the prams out of the way, under the machines, to create more space. ALSO have the handles modified so that they drop down
2.Machine guardians come and help do the Christmas clean down on their machines to see what it is like and maybe help with suggestions to improve machine cleanliness and to just get involved with their machines that they’re “meant to champions OFF”.
3.Everyone as equals on last day of year, everyone start at same time and finish at same time.
4.Pay rise as we’ve had a very good profitable year.
5.Training like the shift leaders and everyone else is getting (except machine operators) eg. leadership, first aid, and all the rest for machine operators, setters and warehouse lads.
6.Heating in the warehouse, its really cold! There is nothing warming it up PLEASE!
7.Mountain Biking Day out, Sheffield Trails (maybe)
8.Corporate Day, From Boardroom to Battlefield, at Bawtry Paintball & Laser Fields


Last year there was a suggestion in the box that office staff should spend time working on the shop floor to experience working shifts, responsibilities and work that employees on the shop floor undertake on a daily basis.

The first of the office staff to do this will we ‘People and Culture Manager’ Dawn Culf.

She will start two weeks of shifts on February 9th and her schedule will be posted on the board shortly.