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IRB 1600 Industrial Robot

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

With the recent delivery of our new Frech 80 Zn-RC this brings our diecasting machine tally to 14 Frechs and 5 Lamacasters giving us the potential, running at maximum capacity, to diecast in the region of 1 million parts every 24 hrs.

This capability would not be possible without our ABB Industrial Robots and software set to work with each Frech machine. Our newest Frech machine has an IRB 1600 Industrial Robot attached and it is the highest performance 10 kg robot. The robot’s cycle times are shorter, sometimes half that of other robots’, allowing us to increase throughput.

Key Features and benefits:

Double our throughput
The IRB 1600 has up to 50% shorter cycle times than competing robots in Material Handling, Machine Tending and process applications.

No more cutting corners
At high speed, most robots will cut corners. With the IRB 1600, the path will be the same regardless of speed, thanks to the robot’s unique combination of brains and muscles.

Outstanding reliability
The IRB 1600 offers outstanding reliability, even in the toughest environments and the most demanding 24/7 duty cycles.

PMS Diecasting invests in some of the best hot chamber diecasting machinery, technology, operators & technicians to drive our diecasting business and we 100% quality inspect our products before they are sent out to our customers.

Please contact us on 01709 701901 to talk to our technical sales team who will be able to guide you through the zinc diecasting process with PMS.