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Grown with Gripples

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Steel City Wine has recently won a top wine award in it’s second year of wine production thanks to Gripple, PMS Diecasting, sponsors and volunteers at Whirlow Hall Farm Trust. The Vineyard is the highest in the UK at 860 ft above sea level and the only wine in the UK produced by a charity.

The judges on the panel of UK Vineyards Association described it as tasting of “wild strawberries and lively red fruits that produced a wine of good length”.


The story started in 2010 as a fundraising venture when Whirlow Hall Farm Trust, which works with inner city children and young people with special needs or disabilities, planted 82 rows of vines in partnership with Gripple Ltd who donated all tensioners, wires, ground anchors and posts needed to grow the vines on and fencing to protect the growing vines from sheep.

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PMS Diecasting were proud to have diecast ALL these products for Gripple and Richard Moore, worked as a volunteer on the project and oversaw the planting and planning, which included soil analysis, selecting grape varieties, ground preparation, fertilization and coordinating contractors.

“The wooden end posts were held into the ground with ground anchor 3’s and rope lanyards. The main wires that hold the grapes were tensioned with Gripple mediums and the fence around the vineyard was held together with T-clips, Gripple Mediums and Gripple barbed wire connectors..” said Richard.

“The process of planting over 3000 vines, placing rabbit guards at the bottom of each vine, adding support canes, and putting the wire up was a mammoth exercise and took a week with the help of 30 volunteers and contractors.”

Vineyard founder Hugh Facey said: “It’s a tremendous achievement to receive this honour in only our second year of producing wine..” Read more..