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Glide Awards Winners!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

GLIDE (Chairman’s award) Calvin Higginbottom
Calvin has been nominated for this award for the outstanding job he does promoting GLIDE at every opportunity inside and outside of the group. He has changed all our communication (letterheads and presentations) to reflect the power of GLIDE as a collective group and promotes, Gripple, GoTools, Gripple Automation and Loadhog to all current and prospective contacts.

Calvin is a true believer and passionate in what GLIDE stands for, how it should be embraced and the strength of being associated to such a group of employee owned businesses.

PMS Internal Winners

Teamwork Finishing and Processing Department
Communication Oskar Solvason
Leadership Oskar Solvason
Innovation Luke Scott
Community Spirit Terry Mullins
Learning Craig Reading
Fun & Laughter Terry Mullins

Special recognition goes to the following runners up who came within 1 vote of the winner…

GLIDE Award – Dawn Culf, runner up to Calvin Higginbottom

Leadership Award – Richard Moore, runner up to Oskar Solvason

Learning Award – Liam Downing, runner up to Craig Reading

Congratulations to all the PMS winners