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Monday, April 25, 2016

As part of our plans to increase diecasting capacity we have now set up ‘Diecasting Hall 2’ to manufacture high value zinc diecastings which require various secondary operations, surface finish preparation and assembly. A new assembly room has been built to accommodate these processes and we have invested in new equipment to keep improving our productive output and quality. These are some of the projects that are now located in Hall 2.


Broaching Jig.
The increasing number of Range Rover park break rockers has necessitated the need to improve our manual broaching process. The new broaching jig designed and manufactured by Gripple Automation has improved the quality of the product whilst allowing the operations to be done twice as quickly as before.


Fadal CNC Machine.
A CNC machining centre was purchased to increase the speed of carrying out secondary operations on our ‘frames’ products. Precision holding fixtures designed and manufactured by GoTools allow the CNC process to carry out operations at significantly faster rates which will help PMS cope with the higher demand of products expected during 2016.


Rosler Vibratory Finishing & Drying.
Specialist equipment was installed to process high value items such as our ‘gear box housings’ and ‘frame’ products where finishing to a high standard is required without creating any surface blemishes on the parts. Using water and detergent to rinse the casting during the vibro process means the castings have to be dried very quickly to avaoid surface staining and the new installation does this as an almost in-line process ready for packing and despatch.