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New Lama Joins the Herd

Monday, July 31, 2017

A new LamaCaster H65 Mark 3 die-casting machine has recently joined the Lama herd at PMS.

Lama Land now contains 5 LamaCaster die-casting machines. The compact design and small footprint of the Lamas ensure that the space we house them in is very productive. This fast and flexible multi-slide machine with dry cycle speed around 70 cycles per minute is ideal for the mass production of small and complex zinc components.

“The standard tooling size 100mm x 65mm together with a powerful hydraulic injection system and 8 tonnes clamping allows production of components up to 90 grams. With excellent shot-to-shot repeatability LamaCaster H65 provides precise castings with very good surface finish and consistent quality over long production runs…”

With a specially designated Lama Technician team, PMS have the capability of producing tens of thousands of complex, quality diecastings from this area every day.


New Machines & Ice-creams

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

We’ve had a busy week at PMS Diecasting.

Firstly we took delivery of a new state-of-the-art hot chamber Frech diecasting machine (W80 Zn-Rc) which will enable us to continue our expansion and continue to increase our zinc diecasting output. We have also recently been looking at creating 6 new roles within our business for ‘Diecasting Technicians’. This will involve an hands-on intensive one-to-one training program to up-skill diecasting operators to become skilled technicians ensuring that going forward, PMS Diecasting will continue to produce high-quality castings efficiently and in a timely manner for our growing base of customers.

Friday 30th June was Employee Ownership day and thanks to GLIDE & PMS Diecasting, employees enjoyed a FREE ice-cream of their choice just as a small celebration of being a 100% employee owned company!

Inspection Room Project

Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Quality Inspection room has recently been refurbished at PMS Diecasting as part of our ongoing ‘Project Springboard’.

Liam Yarrow, Electrical Apprentice at PMS Diecasting, has been working with Craig Reading on electrically upgrading the inspection room and creating a job report for his NVQ.

His report included further details of the below:

– Wooden brackets were created and fixed to the wall to screw dado onto.
– Dado was cut down to size.
– Multiple electrical sockets were fitted along the new work benches.
– The dado around the work benches was totally re-wired to provide electrical access and ethernet ports all around the new inspection benches.
– Ethernet cable was laid from engineers office to inspection room.

Liam started his two year apprenticeship in March 2017 through the AMRC Training Centre, part of the University of Sheffield AMRC Group, which provides training in the practical and academic skills that engineering / manufacturing companies need to compete globally, from apprenticeship through to higher education.

Frech W50 Zn-ST

Friday, June 3, 2016

Our expansion into diecasting hall 2 continues. PMS Diecasting has recently taken delivery of a new Frech hot chamber diecasting machine, the Frech W50 Zn-ST which will add to our capacity to produce quality zinc diecastings for our increasing customer base.







Completed Special Projects

Monday, April 25, 2016

As part of our plans to increase diecasting capacity we have now set up ‘Diecasting Hall 2’ to manufacture high value zinc diecastings which require various secondary operations, surface finish preparation and assembly. A new assembly room has been built to accommodate these processes and we have invested in new equipment to keep improving our productive output and quality. These are some of the projects that are now located in Hall 2.


Broaching Jig.
The increasing number of Range Rover park break rockers has necessitated the need to improve our manual broaching process. The new broaching jig designed and manufactured by Gripple Automation has improved the quality of the product whilst allowing the operations to be done twice as quickly as before.


Fadal CNC Machine.
A CNC machining centre was purchased to increase the speed of carrying out secondary operations on our ‘frames’ products. Precision holding fixtures designed and manufactured by GoTools allow the CNC process to carry out operations at significantly faster rates which will help PMS cope with the higher demand of products expected during 2016.


Rosler Vibratory Finishing & Drying.
Specialist equipment was installed to process high value items such as our ‘gear box housings’ and ‘frame’ products where finishing to a high standard is required without creating any surface blemishes on the parts. Using water and detergent to rinse the casting during the vibro process means the castings have to be dried very quickly to avaoid surface staining and the new installation does this as an almost in-line process ready for packing and despatch.

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