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January Suggestion Box

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Every month, we empty the PMS suggestion box. There have been many very good ideas suggested and implemented during 2014 and we are starting the New Year with the following suggestions. Thank you for your input!

1.Rotating wheels on ALL 4 corners of the prams so that we can put the prams out of the way, under the machines, to create more space. ALSO have the handles modified so that they drop down
2.Machine guardians come and help do the Christmas clean down on their machines to see what it is like and maybe help with suggestions to improve machine cleanliness and to just get involved with their machines that they’re “meant to champions OFF”.
3.Everyone as equals on last day of year, everyone start at same time and finish at same time.
4.Pay rise as we’ve had a very good profitable year.
5.Training like the shift leaders and everyone else is getting (except machine operators) eg. leadership, first aid, and all the rest for machine operators, setters and warehouse lads.
6.Heating in the warehouse, its really cold! There is nothing warming it up PLEASE!
7.Mountain Biking Day out, Sheffield Trails (maybe)
8.Corporate Day, From Boardroom to Battlefield, at Bawtry Paintball & Laser Fields


Last year there was a suggestion in the box that office staff should spend time working on the shop floor to experience working shifts, responsibilities and work that employees on the shop floor undertake on a daily basis.

The first of the office staff to do this will we ‘People and Culture Manager’ Dawn Culf.

She will start two weeks of shifts on February 9th and her schedule will be posted on the board shortly.


New machine arrives..

Monday, January 19, 2015

PMS Diecasting Ltd. recently took delivery of a brand new twin head tapper machine, for our finishing department.

The twin head tapper is a bespoke design which broaches two areas of the casting to ensure dimensional accuracy, as required by our customer, who we make the castings for.

The machine required a bespoke made jig to hold the casting in place, which was designed and made in house by our tool room.

Using the new bespoke machinery and jig, not only ensures accuracy but is also saving 8 hours labour per day of 100% quality testing.

Marzena operating the machine

CMF Awards Dinner 2014

Friday, January 16, 2015

Once again the Annual CMF Awards Dinner was a sell out and was a very enjoyable evening for all who attended!

The flagship ‘Component of the Year’ award went to Grainger & Worrall Ltd for their engine block development for the Ford US pickup truck, the first CGI petrol production engine in the world.

The ‘Company Achievement’ award went to Thomas Dudley Ltd for their success in turning round the company, investing for success and considerable educational and development activity.

The ‘Innovation’ award was won by Blayson Olefines Ltd for their research and development of a new investment casting wax with greatly reduced thermal hysteresis.

Photo shows, from left, John Dudley of Thomas Dudley Ltd (Company Achievement award), Phil Hancock of Blayson Olefines Ltd (Innovation award) and Edward Grainger of Grainger & Worrall Ltd (Component of the Year award).

“The whole event showed an industry achieving world class success in a competitive environment,” said John Parker, Chief Executive of the CMF. “All of our shortlisted companies in the three awards are doing remarkable work, and the independent judges had a difficult job choosing the winners.”

“The three shortlisted entries in the Component of the Year award were testament to the remarkable breadth of components that our industry makes. The CGI iron engine block from Grainger & Worrall was in competition with a pair of tiny zinc castings from PMS Diecasting Ltd in the Gripple Angel, a new hanging system for use in the building industry, and the massive continuous cast 6-700mm diameter iron bar involving 22 tonnes of metal from United Cast Bar Ltd.” John continued. “Each component is a remarkable achievement, yet all so different.”

During the evening Martin Morris, recently retired Membership Services Officer was presented with a gift in appreciation of his long service to the CMF and the wider industry.

Photo shows Martin Morris, right, receiving his retirement gifts from CMF Chairman, Phil Rawnson

A Review of the Three Award Winners

Component of the Year 2014 – Grainger & Worrall Ltd
In 2010 Grainger & Worrall was approached by Ford in the US to prototype an ‘all new’ cylinder block concept for a super lightweight iron block for its F150 best-selling pickup truck. This would require taking the F150 engine block and trimming it down from the 5.4 litre V8 to a 2.7 litre V6 and was clearly a massive statement of intent by Ford to reduce its CO2 emissions. At its heart was to be the first ever Compacted Graphite Iron block for a production petrol engine, code named the Nano.

Delivering all aspects from concept through simulation, tooling and manufacturing, Grainger & Worrall delivered an iron block that was considerably lighter and smaller with an architecture of thin walls (down to 3mm) and a skeleton like structure, maximising on the properties of CGI. The block is further characterised by cast-in main bearings, that are then machined and fractured along the centreline to form the two halves for the crankshaft. The two fracture faces are then reassembled for the perfect fit and avoiding the need for cross bolting. The company also developed, optimised and then transferred high yield production methods and know-how to the nominated high volume producer.

The vehicle was launched to the world with great acclaim at this year’s Society of Automotive Engineers Show in Detroit and the project has helped Grainger and Worrall remain at the forefront of CGI developments in engine castings, has demonstrated the continued competitiveness of cast iron for engine blocks as well as showcasing the capabilities of the UK foundry industry.

Other shortlisted companies in this award category were PMS Diecasting and United Cast Bar.

Company Achievement Award 2014 – Thomas Dudley Ltd
A family-owned and managed business, the foundry division of Thomas Dudley Ltd has made phenomenal strides over the last 18 months, investing in its people, equipment and facilities. Faced with a sustained downturn, due principally to cheap imports of low value added parts, the company drew up a strategy for recovery and growth.

Over £7million has been spent by the company since 2010 to equip the foundry with world-class manufacturing capabilities including two new Disa lines, a new Quality Suite and a new Advanced Centre of Engineering for patternmaking, coremaking and 3D scanning and printing. Named Business of the Year in the Black Country of Commerce annual awards, the business has achieved record turnover this year and has now returned to profitability.

The commitment to its people and the wider community continues. It has helped set up the foundry apprenticeship training scheme with ICME and other partners; has a Careers in the Classroom initiative in conjunction with Dudley College; opened a Visitor Centre to help showcase foundries as part of the manufacturing supply chain and promote careers in the foundry industry, and has becoming a sponsor of the Black Country Living Museum’s Schools Membership Scheme, all in the last 12 months.

Other companies shortlisted in this category were Alucast Ltd and Grainger & Worrall.

Innovation Award 2014 – Blayson Olefines Ltd
Within the investment casting process, the dimensional accuracy of wax patterns is fundamental, yet up to the present time little has been understood regarding the impact of raw materials and the effect they have on wax patterns through wax thermal hysteresis.

Blayson Olefines set out to fill this knowledge gap with an innovative approach to formulating and testing the wax materials. This resulted in the use of two dimensional lasers which significantly reduce the distortion impact when measuring the wax; modified wax formulations reducing dimensional distortion by 30% have now been developed; and the use of a wax annealing method reducing distortion by up to 90%.

This has led to the company developing a new high strength pattern wax with virtually no wax thermal hysteresis currently under test in production conditions which should significantly reduce dimensional variations in the wax patterns and lead to an improvement in the dimensional accuracy of castings.

Other companies shortlisted in this category were Grainger & Worrall and PMS Diecasting.

Claim a Tax Rebate!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Claim a Tax Rebate for washing your work uniform!!!

Call HMRC on 0300 2003300 and let them know:

• Your National Insurance No

• What your job entails

• How long you have worked at PMS Diecasting (this is important – you can back-claim up to 4 years!)

Depending on your eligibility and if your claim is successful, you will either be given a cheque payment or be issued a new tax code for reclaim at the next available pay day.

The sooner you do this the better!

It is probably too late to claim in time for the January pay day, February onwards is more realistic.

Any queries? See Peter

100% Attendance for 2014

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate those employees who have had 100% Attendance for 2014.

£100.00 will be paid directly into your account on Thursday 29th January 2015.

IIona Papis
Tomasz Wasilewski
Allan Follows
Marcin Krupa
Terry Mullins
Pracaxa Naique
Ronald Rubenis
Sean Starbuck
Artan Sula
Gordon Panter
Danny Williams
Adris Pocins
Mark Groake
Lee Grimley
Ian Ledwood
Rod Jefferson
Craig Reading
Oskar Salvason
Kyle Frier
Johnathan Rigby
Christian Panter
Calvin Higginbottom
Diane McNamme
Alicjia Rybaczuk
Andy Bond
Danny Wainwright

Kind regards

Dawn Culf
People & Culture Manager

New website launch!

Friday, November 28, 2014

It’s launch day for the new Laser Scanning website!

Laser Scanning offers highly accurate 3D Laser Scanning, Reverse Engineering and 3D printing services and the new website reflects this.

Thank you to Carl Smart for the great design and we’ve been busy adding content for many weeks!

Check out our new ‘Case Studies’ page where you can see in 3D ‘Rare Scarab Beetles’ and a beautiful ‘Lotus Engine’ and find out who are the ‘Key People’ at Laser Scanning that make this happen!

For the latest news and useful videos visit us on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Above all, please spread the word that we are ready to scan, as always.

Go to the new website at Thank you!

Fire Marshall Training

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Employees from PMS Diecasting, Thomaz and Darren, attended a Fire Marshall Training Course recently at Emergency Response Training in Doncaster.

Fire Marshall training is given to all levels of staff who have the responsibility of fire Marshall/Warden and who may be required to safely operate fire extinguishers.

Thomaz and Darren received their certificate of attendance following continual assessment which included questions and answers and practical assessment too..

Course Outline:

  • Chemistry of fire and how it spreads
  • Types and Classifications of fires
  • Common causes of fire
  • Safety features within buildings
  • Hazard spotting/ hazard reduction
  • Action on discovering a fire
  • Calling the Fire Service
  • Evacuation Procedures
  • Daily and weekly checks
  • Fire Extinguishers – Theory and practical demonstration (non operation) of fire extinguisher common to candidate’s workplace.

For more information on the Fire Marshall’s training course please go to:

All photos from the day can be viewed on our Facebook page

New Opportunities..

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

PMS Diecasting and 3D Laser Scanning have appeared in Novembers edition of the ‘European Tool and Mould Making’ magazine.

An article written by Nikon Metrology in Belgium was picked up by the trade magazine which is distributed throughout Europe to thousands of industry readers, and online to millions.

Read ‘3D Laser Scanning Opens Up New Opportunities for UK Shop’ here and for full digital versions of ETMM’s monthly magazines click here

Scale Lotus Engine

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

This scale Lotus engine, machined in aluminium has been one of the latest things of beauty at PMS Diecasting, thanks to the Laser Scanning department.

A client wanted an exact replica of a Lotus engine to adorn his desk and our 3D Laser Scanning department was able to scan a real Lotus engine, using their state of the art Nikon Laser Scanning equipment, Reverse Engineer it using Geomagic Design X, then print it using our 3D printer before finally the scale engine was machined in aluminium.

Full details of the project coming soon…

ISO 9001 and 14001 Audits

Thursday, November 6, 2014

We are very pleased to announce that PMS has passed both the ISO 9001 & 14001 Audits, therefore retaining our accreditation for another year.

The BSI auditor who completed the audits has not been here for at least 3 years (each of the standards run on a 3 year cycle, audited each year in our case by BSI with a strategic review every 3rd year) and was complimentary about the building, the growth and the improvements we have made since his last visit.

His comments were good to hear, particularly from someone who visits so many companies large and small through his role as an auditor.

We would like to thank everyone on behalf of PMS Diecasting Ltd for your assistance during the year and during the audits and ask that you in turn take time to thank your teams.

Maintaining these accreditations is important to us all, not only does it give our customers and potential customers confidence that we achieve a certain standard, in many cases they would not do business with us if we didn’t.

Allan Follows, Compliance Manager & Sean Starbuck, Quality Manager
PMS Diecasting Ltd.

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