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Gripple Angel Hanger

The Angel architectural hanger range of products provides an innovative solution for suspending signage, lighting and acoustic baffles where design and aesthetics are important.

The Angel has been designed and manufactured, wholly in the UK by Gripple Ltd in collaboration with its sister company PMS Diecasting Ltd, making this a truly ‘Great British Product’.

This contemporary product comprises of a ‘body’ and ‘foot’ castings with a unique and patented joining technique that resembles a jigsaw piece. This design enables a large array of different feet to be attached quickly and easily to the product on an automated assembly machine, depending on the customers required application.

The wide variety of Angel ‘feet’ includes hooks, metric and imperial male and female threads, Y-Fit two point suspensions, as well as a number of ‘feet’ designed specifically for individual attached to the ‘body’, these ‘feet’ create a highly functional piece of engineering allowing multiple uses while maintaining the same aesthetics and design features across the range.

Not only is the Angel an extremely versatile and attractive products, it is also capable of supporting a load of 15kgs on 1.5mm wire rope with a safety factor of 5:1. This means that the product must be able to withstand a load of 75kg to achieve its required rating.

The Angels are all cast in multi impression zinc die casting tools on highly automated, Frech hot chamber machines at PMS Diecasting Ltd in Rotherham, UK. The castings have to be porosity free, and produced to tight tolerances in large batch volumes. All competitor products in the category are machined, as die castings were thought of as not being capable of achieving the strength and tolerances required!

Yet again, PMS and Gripple have collaborated successfully to prove that British manufacturing can innovate and compete in the most challenging of markets.

For more information on Gripple’s Angel Hanger range of products, click here

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